La Taberna
Calle Cristo
29780 Nerja

La Taberna, Nerja
Excellent little tapas bar on calle Cristo, almost opposite the Post Office.

Friendly, bubbly staff and some lovely tapas, good portions too!

They also do full meals and they have a street terrace.

lataberna3 La Taberna, Nerja

La Taberna, Nerja

La Taberna, Nerja La Taberna, Nerja

  1. The best restaurant/bar in town. Great food,great people you must go there.

  2. repurban says:

    We have been here 15-20 times during the last years. The restaurant serves excellent Spanish traditional food which will not disappoint you. The tapas bar is allways crowded at any time of the year, both locals and foreigners comes here for the tapas and the atmosphere.

  3. Katrina says:

    La Taberna has now extended into the old ‘Sardina Alegria’ next door.

  4. I have been a regular at La Taberna for many years but tonight (2/10/14( was the worst meal I have had. Spaghetti Marinera, overdone the dill (????) flavourless, my wife’s chuletillas were tasteless and seemed as though they were casseroled rather than cooked on the plancha. Will not visit again for some time

  5. Maureen Wilson says:

    They appear to have removed the tapas counter – is it under new ownership?

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