Los Mariscos
Calle Cristo 17
29780 Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 27 14

Los Mariscos

Los Mariscos is both a restaurant and tapas bar, although the actual bar area is quite small, or ‘intimate’. Some very good fishy tapas on offer.

  1. Cheap and adequate, regulation Spanish fare. A tad gloomy inside. But, and this is its saving grace and claim to fame, it has among the best gambas pil-pil in town. The best way to enjoy this is to sit at the tables in the street, order up gambas pil-pil, ask the restaurant if they will allow you to bring in your own cava and pay for the privilege (they were happ for us to do this), then sit there and knock back the bubbly with your prawns while the massed ranks of tourists stream past looking on in envy.

  2. Mark says:

    I agree with the review by Lenny. My wife and I have been travelling to Nerja for over 20 years and we always look forward to dining at Los Mariscos where the owner is the most un-Spanish looking person you could imagine!! And the gambas pil-pil is fantastic!!

    • An “un-Spanish looking person”? Last time I checked, Spaniards came in all shapes, sizes and colours.

    • WingMan says:

      You’ve obviously never been to Galicia. What does what this man looks like have to do with anything?

  3. Just returned from Nerja. Seemed to be busier than last year. Ate once again at Los Mariscos. The Gambas Pil-Pil are still great. The coffee machine that has been broken for 3 years has now been removed so dont go there for a coffee!

  4. Danstheman says:

    Also, it’s had a face-lift on the outside so seems brighter and a bit more welcoming.
    Stopped here for tapas as usual and it was as good as ever.

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