A trip to Frigiliana

As it is a sort of holiday week in Spain, I thought ‘why not have a break and nip up to Frigiliana’. After all, haven’t been there for quite a while. So I did. Hopping on my trusty steed, I headed off up into them there ‘ills.

Observation: I know it can’t be, and isn’t true, but both the journey there AND back SEEMED to be all uphill. Illogical, I know, but that’s the way it seemed at the time.

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‘Welcome to Frigiliana’

Parking my trusty steed at the bottom of the town I set off on foot, definitely the best way to see the place despite the steepness of some of the streets.

f6 f1 f14

Plaques, made from ceramic tiles, adorn many of the streets and chronicle the history of the town. No doubt if one followed a logical route the history would be in chronological order!

f2 f3 f9

I am quite capable of exploring ‘alternative destinations’ under the most normal of situations, but armed with a map I would almost certainly end up totally lost, possibly not even in the same town. So, onward and upward, gathering a rear-end about visage account of Frigiliana history along the way.

ceramics ceramics 2 f7

Frigiliana relies heavily on tourism, so the number of ‘local crafts’ and ‘souvenir’ shops is hardly a surprise. Generally non-intrusive, though.

plaza plaza 2

The town was awash with tourists, cameras in hand. The vast majority were Spanish, with a couple of coach loads of Germans thrown in for good measure. A bit surprised, even though it is a sort of holiday week in Spain. I’d never been inside the church before, so now was the time. Ornate but not ott, well worth a visit. Understandably, you are asked to wear proper attire and to turn off your mobile!

f5 f8 f15

The town is a veritable labyrinth of small streets and alleys, many leading to a bodega or restaurant. Frigiliana wine, available in sweet and dry, is the local tipple. I think I prefer the dry……but may have to keep on trying them to make absolutely sure!

wines alley

Without visiting these shops!

guardia police

Cop Shops…..

f13 f11 f12

A very nice way to spend a morning. And relatively cheap. Coffee and wine only €0.90 (each) in a touristy area!

P.S. I took this picture a few years ago…..

bus stop

and I’d swear it was the same men, in the same order and on the same seat today!

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