Victoriano del Rio, a rancher in Guadalix de la Sierra, just outside Madrid, is planning to clone his prize bull ‘Alcalde’ in what would be the first such occurrence in the history of Spanish bullfighting.

‘Alcalde’ is a 16 year old who is daddy to many of the fiercest and biggest bulls slaughtered in Spanish bullrings over the past few years. The cloning would take place in America, carried out by a company in Texas which has apparently already cloned over 300 animals, some of them prize rodeo bulls.

The cloning is expected to take place in the next few weeks and the ‘copy’ would be ready in 2009. It is likely to cost in the region of €12,000. Quite cheap compared to the cloning of horses which, due to the complexities involved, costs around €100,000.

Other bull owners in Spain, as well as owners of purebred Portuguese horses used in the bullring, are also apparently considering following suit.

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