The new Government of Andalucía

Manuel Chaves has been inaugurated as President of the Government of Andalucía for a sixth consecutive term.

Manuel Chaves was yesterday sworn in as the President of the Government of Andlaucía for a sixth consecutive term at a ceremony attended by leading political figures from all over Spain. He and his new government will take up their duties tomorrow, Monday.

Amongst those in attendance were the first vice-chairman of the national government, Maria Teresa Fenandez de la Vega, five ministers and the presidents of Cataluña and the Baleares.

The members of the new government begin on Monday by swearing an ‘oath of office’ in an institutional ceremony held at the Monasterio de Santa María de las Cuevas de Sevilla, this act taking place at 12:00.

The new Cabinet consists of eight women and seven men and includes seven new faces. This time around there are fifteen in the Cabinet, one more than last time, due to the creation of the Ministry of Housing.

The old faces:

Gaspar Zarrías (Chairman), José Antonio Griñán (Economy), Francisco Vallejo (Innovation), Antonio Fernández (Employment), María Jesús Montero (Health), Micaela Navarro (Equality and Social Sevices), Rosa Torres (Culture) and Evangelina Naranjo (Justice).

The new faces:

Clara Aguilera (Government), Mar Moreno (Public Works and Transport), Juan Espadas (Housing) Luciano Alonso (Tourism, Commerce and Sport), Martín Soler (Agriculture and Fisheries), Teresa Jiménez (Education) and Cinta Castillo (Environment).

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