The storm is over…

There will be no more brainstorming in Tunbridge Wells, that’s an order!

The word brainstorming was first used psychiatrists in the 1890’s to describe severe nervous attacks. Since the 1940’s, however, it has been more commonly used to describe meetings to produce new, fresh ideas. So what’s wrong with that, one may ask?

Well, it would seem that ‘diversity officers’ (yes, really) at Tunbridge Wells have decided that the word brainstorming might cause offence to epileptics!!

And does it? A survey carried out in 2005 by the National Society for Epilepsy resulted in a resounding NO. They actually thought it was a good word to describe meetings to generate new ideas.

Despite there actually being no offence taken anywhere, by anyone, the Council is proceeding with the renaming of such meetings and the banning of the word brainstorming. And they are not the only ones, apparently. The Deanes School in Essex and the Church of England’s Diocese of Southwark are just two others who have instigated similar bans.

And what, pray tell, is the replacement expression?

It’s THOUGHT SHOWER….oh my gawd. And to think that these people are paid, out of taxpayer’s money, to study such things….

Maybe they need a slogan….’Save braincells, thought shower with a councillor’….

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