No fun please, it might offend someone…

In keeping with Ofsted guidelines, Yorkshire Coast College has amended its school calendar to read ‘End of Term Break’ instead of Christmas and Easter for fear of offending ethnic minorities! Some bright spark has even been referring to ‘Winterval’. Hideous.

Do Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims or Jews rename their festivals for fear of ‘possibly’ offending someone? No, of course not. They all, with the exception maybe of the Taleban, accept that everyone has their holidays and celebrations and let them get on with having FUN. Many even join in the celebrations of other faiths because they consider them to be for EVERYONE.

The internet has made news far more global and one of the things which has caught on is commenting on stories. Political correctness attracts a lot of reponses, not only from British residents or ex-pats, but also from foreigners, many of whom are wetting themselves with laughter.

There is a great danger of repressing the majority with this misguided policy of trying to avoid ‘possible’, and it often is only remotely ‘possible’, offence to someone, somewhere at sometime. Maybe.

At one stage, it was even being considered to eliminate or change the word history! Just imagine having to talk about a ‘persontorical perspective’ or somesuch nonsense.

And it’s taxpayers money which is being used to pay these loonies to come up with these ridiculous ideas. Something to ponder while we gather round the festive fir after our winterval pud and sing ‘we wish you a merry festivity’.

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