When in Rome

Two schools, so far, in London have been ordered to close for the Muslim holiday Eid-Ul-Fitr, the Hundu festival of Diwali and for Guru Nanak’s birthday in addition to the traditional Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter.

It is almost certain that the kids will not complain about three extra days of holiday, but it comes at a time when many Christians are required to curtail their own celebrations for fear of upsetting members of other faiths. No decorations too far in advance of Christmas, no Santa or tree in airports, strange proposals to change holiday names (Winterval holiday instead of Christmas). The list goes on.

Of course people should learn more about, be tolerant of, and accept and respect other faiths, but should, what is in effect ‘observance’, be forced upon them?

Whatever happened to ‘when in Rome’? It is almost certain that the Taliban would agree to restaurants only serving fish on Friday and making Christmas Day a national holiday. As for asking them to observe Diwali, the mind boggles at possible answers.

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