Ten arrested in drug smuggling investigation

Ten people have been arrested, seven of them in Málaga province, in connection with the introduction into Spain of drugs from Morocco.

The head of the network, initials F.E., was based in Benalmádena from where he directed operations. In various raids, police seized over half a ton of hashish, a motorhome, six luxury cars, a number of stolen vehicles, fourteen mobile phones, €17,000 in cash and various documents relating to the trafficking in drugs.

The police investigation led to the identification of the leader of the network and further research led to the discovery of a mobile home in Barcelona containing 500 kilos of hashish. The driver was detained by the police.

In order to avoid further losses to the police, F.E. decided upon smaller shipments of drugs. However, this didn’t work as the police proceeded to intercept the next shipment, some 50 kilos of hashish, in the Madrid suburb of Coslada. Two people were arrested on this occasion.

The final raids, in Málaga province, brought the total number of arrests to ten.

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