Ridiculous if true…

A man living near Waterloo station seems to have found himself in a spot of bother after photographing a group of hoodies as evidence of their anti-social behaviour.

The neighbourhood has apparently been plagued by gangs of youths for several months and it became clear that they were from the local comprehensive school. The headmaster of the school asked 64 year old David Greene to take some photos in order to identify the youths concerned.

However, when he carried out his mission, one of the youths allegedly threatened to kill him and another one called the police.

Far from being interested in any acts of thuggery committed by the youths or threats issued, the police warned Mr Greene that he was committing a crime by photographing the yobs and could be charged with assault!

Does that mean that ANYONE photographing a scene which happens to include people in it is technically guilty of assault?

And press photos? Daily assault?

CCTV cameras?

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