Two arrested in Málaga for robbing elderly citizens

Police have detained two people thought to be part of a gang specialising in robbing elderly citizens in Málaga.

A man and a woman, both Moroccan, have been arrested after they picked the wrong target. Their modus operandi was to approach elderly citizens near banks or in public parks, engage them in conversation or ask directions and then relieve them of their wallets, either through pickpocketing or intimidation, it didn’t seem to matter to them which method was used.

This time, however, their victim, a 60 year old man, also happened to be a National Police officer and they were duly nicked. The two detainees are thought to be responsible for 12 thefts and 5 robberies with violence.

The two are just part of a larger gang who have been terrorising elderly citizens in Málaga, and other provinces, in recent months. The amounts of money stolen in each case were not high, sometimes as little as €20. When an area became too hot for them, the gang would move on or return to Morocco until things cooled down a bit.

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