Computer error causes AVE drama

Drama on the 18:35 Madrid to Málaga AVE high speed train as a computer error caused the emergency brakes to activate.

The train began its journey from Madrid to Málaga about fifteen minutes late and then during the journey, several electrical faults occurred which periodically shut down the lights and ventilation systems. The train even stopped a couple of times en route for no apparent reason.

Then, almost within sight of Maria Zambrano station in Málaga, a computer fault activated the emergency braking system and the train ground to a halt. Bags fell from luggage racks and much cafeteria crockery was broken by the sudden braking. Although no-one was physically injured, one woman did suffer an anxiety attack.

Eventually, the train got underway again, and arrived at its destination one hour late. RENFE, the rail network operators, will be refunding the full ticket price to all passengers as the delay was over 30 minutes.

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