Mr Jobsworth strikes again…

A Polish restaurant, selling Polish beer in Polish glasses, in Doncaster, what could possibly be wrong with that?

The landlord soon found out when trading standards officers paid him a visit. He has been threatened with court action and a possible 2,000 pound fine for selling beer in litre glasses rather than pints! He has 28 days to change all his glasses or face prosecution.

For years, they have been trying to get people to use the metric system rather than the old imperial weights and measures. In 2001, Sunderland market trader Steve Thoburn was convicted for selling bananas by the pound.

Brussels, however, has since given up trying to get Britain conform and drop imperial weights and measures.

Under  the 1988 Weights and Measures legislation, draught beer and cider may only be sold in pints. Serving them in litres, or fractions of litres, is illegal.

Under the same legislation, a shandy counts as a soft drink and should therefore be sold by the litre! Must make sense to someone. And just how many people are actually infringing that law? Or even know about it!

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