Zapallito car park in Estepona facing closure

A new deadline has been set regarding the closure of the 800 space Zapallito underground car park in Estepona, the largest such facility in the municipality.

Municipal technicians now have ten days in which to investigate and verify claims that various modifications have been carried out.

The car park does not actually have the necessary municipal permits, such as an opening or first occupancy license, but has nevertheless been operating for the past three years. On August 8th, a mayoral decree ordered the closure of the cacility, but it has continued to operate.

According to municipal technicians, the car park has deficiencies relating to the size of the parking spaces and does not have adequate measures installed to prevent the spread of a possible fire. The technicians also recommended tests relating to the structural safety of the foundations.

The facility was closed down for a few days last year by the then mayor, Antonio Barrientos, after the detection of several problems relating to access and safety. Some of the problems were apparently addressed, but not all.

At the end of this new deadline, and based on the report by the municipal technicians, the Council will decide once and for all whether to close down the facility.

Mayor Antonio Barrientos was subsequently jailed and is under investigation for corruption relating to, amongst other things, city planning violations.

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