Yahoo revamp

Yahoo, who claim that their homepage is the most trafficked on the web with 300 million visitors per month, is about to begin a major revamp. The last such exercise took place in May 2006 when elements were added to the page to allow visitors to choose what they saw when they visited.

The latest overhaul will see randomly selected visitors helping choose the new format which is likely to be a mixture of static content and customisable features. The idea is to reduce the clutter on the front page, building on the personalisation available in the My Yahoo section of the site.

Yahoo also plans to let third parties produce programs that can sit in the application bar to give people access to various other services. The revamp of the main page is just part of a larger plan to help the ailing web giant restore its fortunes.

Those initially involved in the survey will be visitors from the USA, UK, India and France. Once it’s all tested, all regular Yahoo visitors will then be able to opt in to the ‘new look’.

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