A damp start…

A slightly damp start to the day yesterday but it perked up nicely. Some thick, dark clouds clinging to the hills for much of the day but fortunately they stayed there and we enjoyed blue skies.

Popped into the newly decorated, newly changed hands Vaca Española on the corner of calle Diputación and avenida Castilla Perez, just to see what was happening. They are currently offering a beer and a tapa for €1.20.

It seems to be one of those places where the tapa is chosen for you, so you’d have to intervene if you had any special dietary requirements or the like. I had a potato, complete with skin, covered in a delicious, spicy sauce. ‘Canaries recipe’, I was told, and as she didn’t look in the slightest bit Chinese, I assume she meant the islands.

There are paintings on the walls, but it did look a bit bare, almost like a ‘work in progress’. Maybe it is. Didn’t dare ask! Nice tapa, though. The only negative was getting short-changed!!

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