Not your everyday crime

Questions are being asked in Jamaica as to why there has been little or no progress, and no arrests, regarding the theft of a BEACH!

The beach at Coral Springs, four hundred metres of white sand, was due to be the site of a billion dollar resort, but developers have now put the plans on hold after thieves somehow managed to steal 500 truckloads of the precious sand!

The theft occurred three months ago yet, amazingly, there have been no arrests and no charges brought against anyone. The police are apparently carrying out forensic tests on other beaches to see if the sand matches the stuff that was stolen, but that seems to be about it.

There are those, naturally, who suspect that some police officers must have been involved in one way or another in such an operation. Maybe they should issue a photofit of the beach, you never know, might help. Couldn’t be worse than this one!


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