FACUA requests withdrawal of ‘Jetgum’ chewing gum

FACUA has asked the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition AESAN (Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria  y Nutrición ) to withdraw a brand of chewing gum, ‘Jetgum’, from the market.

The gum contains high levels of sorbitol, a sweetener which can cause diarrhea in both children and adults if consumed in large quantities.

The packet also violates the law by not stating the amount of sorbitol in the product and the possible side effects of  a dose in excess of 25 grams per day. In addition, one side of the packet states, in English, ‘Extra for Kids’, and on the other side it says for ‘Only for Adults’.

Jetgum is sold in Lidl supermarkets and they are being requested to withdraw the product until correct and legal packaging requirements are met.

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