Riverbeds, rubbish, building and wagtails…

Rio Chillar sign, NerjaSlight improvement in the weather, much welcomed.

Taking a wander down the early stretch of the Rio Chillar riverbed, I wondered: ‘What happened to this project then?’. It all started with a flurry, but then it’s just been fits and starts ever since, and almost nothing happening for many months now.

Maybe they’re just waiting for the sign to be overgrown and then it will be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

There seem to be far too many projects which start in a blaze of glory and then either slow to a crawl and take forever to complete (calle Carabeo renovations for example) or come to a complete standstill (Rio Chillar project and the Verano Azul underground car park to name but two).

The only speedy works in recent times were the roadworks right outside the Town Hall building. Breakneck speed. Strange that!

Back along the riverbed, you see the great sights of animals grazing in the fields

Rio Chillar, Nerja

followed immediately by this!

Rio Chillar riverbed, Nerja Rio Chillar, Nerja

Furniture collection is a free service, just takes a phone call to the Council. There is a rubbish tip at Punto Limpio, free, where you can deposit unwanted stuff. It takes far more effort to drag it down to the campo, so laziness can’t be the reason for this type of anti-social behaviour.

As for finding fridges, tv’s and other large objects (which one does, quite frequently) up in the hills on out of the way tracks and miles from any sort of civilisation, it just defies belief.

Wagtail,NerjaThis is an amazing chap, or chapess. Every day, this wagtail lands on the front of this vehicle and then spends absolutely ages hopping from in front of the wing mirror to on top of it and then back down again! One can only assume the daft thing sees its reflection, assumes its another bird and then jumps up to try and find it! Unless you disturb it, it would probably spend all day jumping up and down! Fascinating, though.

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