Collection of non-organic waste in the centre of Nerja

Startin on Monday June 16th 2014 there will be extra collections of non-organic waste – cardboard, paper, plastics – in the central streets of Nerja, namely calle Diputación, calle Carmen, calle Puerta del Mar, calle Pintada, calle La Cruz and calle Angustias.

Strike by waste collection service as from December 20th 2013

Employees of the municipal cleaning company LIMASA have officially registered their intention to convene an indefinite strike as from December 20th 2013, even though the first talks to try and reach an agreement relating to a temporary employment regulation (ERTE) do not take place until Thursday.

It would be nice if…

Two things would be nice. One: If people would stop chucking their rubbish in the river, and Two, given that number one is probably a hopeless dream, if it was cleaned on a regular basis.

No progress in talks to avert strike in Málaga

Eight hours and forty minutes of talks on Sunday between the Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, and unions representing the workers of the municipal cleaning company Limasa failed to yield results and it looks like an indefinite strike planned for March 22nd, the start of Easter Week, will go ahead.

Clean-up in El Coronil

The public company TRAGSA (Transformación Agraria) has, for the second time, cleaned up the town of El Coronil in Sevilla due to a declared public health risk from uncollected rubbish, carrying out the work under the protection of some ninety Guardia Civil officers.

Breaches of municipal ordinances

Several people have apparently been fined during the past few days for breaches of municipal ordinances, some relating to the keeping of animals and failure to clean up after their pets, others for depositing rubbish in containers outside the specified times. Regarding the former, there are many who will say, ‘not before time’.

Health risks in El Coronil, Sevilla

After 35 days of strikes by the rubbish collectors in El Coronil, Sevilla, three hundred tons of garbage is piled up on the streets and the Ministry of Health has detected eight new areas  where there is a ‘health risk’.

The clean-up begins in Sevilla

The strike by employees of Lipasam, the municipal cleaning service in Sevilla, is over after an agreement was reached on Thursday evening. The unions have accepted a 3.6% pay cut. It is expected to take a week before all the accumulated rubbish is removed from the streets.