No agreement in Sevilla

The first meeting between the unions of the municipal cleaning concessionaire Lipasam and  Sevilla Council has ended without an agreement being reached and the strike now enters its ninth day. An estimated five thousand tons of garbage remain uncollected on the streets.

The rubbish is mounting up in Granada

A week of strike action by employees of the cleaning concessionaire Inagra in Granada and around 1,000 tons of garbage now litters the streets. An attempt to resolve the dispute on Friday ended in failure and another meeting with the arbitration service SERCLA has been scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Rubbish strike in Granada

Workers at the municipal cleaning service in Granada, Inagra, have begun an indefinite strike in protest at the company’s intention to reduce wages by 5%, increase the working week to 37.5 hours and eliminate bonuses.

Good time for a clean-up…

With the riverbed completely dry, now would be an ideal time for an authority seemingly obsessed with ‘image’ to clean up the area. I walked down the centre of the river yesterday and there is not only the usual masses of bags, bottles and other debris but also a tremendous amount of broken glass. It would also provide a bit …

Rubbish starts to mount up in Cádiz

The Gran Regata is starting in Cádiz and there is tons of rubbish on the streets as a result of the indefinite strike by rubbish collectors, people obviously not heeding the official request not to put rubbish bags out and spoil the image of the town.

Rincón de la Victoria to be tougher on waste disposal violations

Rincón de la Victoria Council has finally approved the new Municipal Ordinance for Cleaning Public Spaces and Integral Management of Solid Waste which aims to raise public awareness of environmental matters by setting out the regulations relating to rubbish and its disposal and introducing fines of up to €3,000 for very serious infringements.

A moan…

The rio Chillar walkway from El Playazo beach to Puente Nuevo has become a really nice area to wander, jog, take your dog for a walk, or even your horse, particularly since the animal and plant life has developed and the river is flowing all year round.

Strike in Armilla called off

The strike by employees of the cleaning company in Armilla, Granada, is over, at least temporarily, after the Council and the cleaning company agreed to provide €2 million to pay the forty workers who have not been paid since August. The agreement must be fulfilled before next week otherwise the strike will resume.

Rubbish mounts up in Barbate

Three days of strikes by municipal workers in Barbate, Cádiz, with only minimum service levels has left an estimated 180 tons of uncollected rubbish littering the streets.