A moan…

The rio Chillar walkway from El Playazo beach to Puente Nuevo has become a really nice area to wander, jog, take your dog for a walk, or even your horse, particularly since the animal and plant life has developed and the river is flowing all year round.

The number of species of birds now inhabiting the riverbed and the margins is extraordinary, including some unusual ones like the Little Ringed Plover, and the plants continue to grow and spread.

There is the added bonus of being able to see into the various smallholdings and see which local fruits are coming into season. And there’s the magnificent panorama of the Sierra Almijara and Tejeda mountains.

It’s almost picture perfect, a great attraction for residents and visitors alike. Well, almost. It certainly is from a distance.

Rio Chillar, Nerja

Now comes the moan.

Along the entire riverbed, starting right from El Playazo, there are bottles, cans, paper, bags large and small….the list goes on. There is absolutely no excuse for throwing bottles and cans down into the riverbed, there are bins a-plenty. There is even less of an excuse for the sight of the large black bin bags in the river or on the banks.

The rubbish is not just once in a while, it is every metre or two.

rubbish in the river, Nerja rubbish in the river, Nerja

rubbish in the river, Nerja rubbish in the river, Nerja

rubbish in the river, Nerja

If that was not bad enough, why oh why after all the complaints over the past few years is there still raw sewage going into the river?

sewage in the river, Nerja

Spots like this one positively STINK. It is also a health risk.

End of moan.

  1. Steve Shaw says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the Chillar, I would be more concerned about the streets in Nerja which are still full of Dog Poo. They are absolutely disgusting and the council do nothing about it, shame on them and the policia who stand by and let it happen.

    • Wilfred says:

      I Totally agree with Steve i have been coming to Nerja for a few years now and this is the one thing what that lets Nerja down.

      With all the roadworks being done you would think with all that money being spent something would be done.

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