More complaints about sewage leaks

Residents near the mouth of the (currently dried-up) rio Chillar near El Chucho and El Playazo beaches have once again been complaining about the discharge of raw sewage in the area.

A moan…

The rio Chillar walkway from El Playazo beach to Puente Nuevo has become a really nice area to wander, jog, take your dog for a walk, or even your horse, particularly since the animal and plant life has developed and the river is flowing all year round.

Leaky pipes?

Currently, everything that is put down the sink or toilet is pumped, untreated, through one metre wide underwater pipes from the pumping stations on Burriana and Torrecilla beaches and out to sea, in theory to a distance of one nautical mile, or 1,852 metres.

Elimination of ‘whiffy hotspot’ in La Cala del Moral

The unpleasant odours given off by the residual water pumping station in La Cala del Moral, Rincón de la Victoria, should be a thing of the past following the completion of a €89,900 project to improve the facilities.

A cleaner Lagos

The village of Lagos in the municipality of Vélez-Málaga is now connected to the main collector of the new water treatment plant in Torrox, which means that raw sewage will no longer be discharged into the river and it should see an end to the pollution of the beaches.

Complaints of sewage discharges into the Rio Chillar

Local environment groups and residents have once again been complaining about the discharge of raw sewage into the Rio Chillar at several points, including near the IES Chaparil, Parque Verano Azul and at the mouth of the river.

Residents complain about sewage discharge near Lake Viñuela

The romerias in La Viñuela, Los Romanes and Los Gómez took place last weekend and were attended by around 5,000 pilgrims. La Viñuela Council installed several cesspools to take care of the inevitable ‘residual waters’ from mobile toilets and the like.

Odour reduction

In view of the fact that Nerja still does not have a sewage plant, as we are all painfully aware, and obnoxious odours are one of the major complaints of local residents in some areas, the Council has decided to install ozone injectors into several pumping stations to try and alleviate the problem somewhat.

Pollution in Cútar

Residents in Cútar have reported that untreated sewage has been regularly discharged into the stream in the municipality and the opposition PSOE is requesting the ruling PP to do something about the situation. The underlying problem is apparently that the local treatment plant has not been functioning properly for about the past four months.