Complaints of sewage discharges into the Rio Chillar

Local environment groups and residents have once again been complaining about the discharge of raw sewage into the Rio Chillar at several points, including near the IES Chaparil, Parque Verano Azul and at the mouth of the river.

The discharges have, apparently, been occurring for several weeks and, although relatively small, do pose a threat to public health and are in violation of the Water Act.

Similar complaints were made in April 2008 and the Council announced penalties of €600 for those found to be discharging sewage into the river.

One possible reason for the discharges is the connection, by the unscrupulous, of sewage pipes in adjacent buildings to the storm drain system, something which has been found to have been the case in the past.

Another reason could be a blockage somewhere in the network of pipes.

Whatever the reason, it needs properly addressing, particularly as the river is still flowing and is used by some.

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