11 tons of hashish seized in Algeciras

National Police officers and agents from the Inland Revenue have arrested five people and seized 11 tons of hashish as part of an operation against a drugs trafficking network based in the Murcia region.

The 11 tons of drugs were found in Algeciras, hidden in a shipment of frozen sardines. The operation also resulted in the seizure of one lorry, 8 luxury cars and €240,000 in cash.

In addition, 7 properties have been seized and 38 bank accounts have been frozen.

The organisation was based in the Murcia region and with several businesses in the city of Cartagena. Money from the drugs trade was laundered through various import-export and mobile telephone companies.

One of the mobile phone companies is said to have received funds in excess of €1.5 million, the origin of which could not be determined and is suspected of being proceeds from the drugs trade.

Money from the drugs trade was being laundered in a variety of ways including the acquisition of property and through the acquisition of loans which were subsequently paid off using drugs money.

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