Sardines in the square

The final part of the Virgen del Carmen celebrations takes place on Friday July 17th in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, with free sardines and drinks priced at €1.50.

Final evening of Virgen del Carmen celebrations

The final evening of the Virgen del Carmen celebrations took place in the Plaza de los Cangrejos on Wednesday evening with free sardines, beer and soft drinks at €1, spirits at €3.50 and a performance by Duo Compás.

900 kilos of drugs seized

The National Police have arrested 14 people involved in the smuggling of hashish from Morocco inside boxes of frozen sardines.

11 tons of hashish seized in Algeciras

National Police officers and agents from the Inland Revenue have arrested five people and seized 11 tons of hashish as part of an operation against a drugs trafficking network based in the Murcia region.

Sardine time…

Plenty of sardines on offer last night during the Virgen del Carmen celebrations down in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos. Long queues, though. Almost eternal. Quite a good turnout and the bars and restaurants were also doing a pretty good trade, good to see in these troubled times.

Plans to restrict ‘espeteros’

In Málaga, the Department of Coasts has ruled that  ‘espeteros’ (those who prepare ‘espetas de sardinas’ (sardines on a stick) on the beaches) will only be permitted on the beaches for a period of three months during the summer.