Final evening of Virgen del Carmen celebrations

SardinesThe final evening of the Virgen del Carmen celebrations took place in the Plaza de los Cangrejos on Wednesday evening with free sardines, beer and soft drinks at €1, spirits at €3.50 and a performance by Duo Compás.

People slowly began to make their way to the square throughout the early evening and by around ten o’clock it was beginning to get full. The queue for the sardines began long before the fires were even ready and stretched from one end of the square to the other.

First the wood fires were lit and burned away merrily, then charcoal was added and then finally, the sticks of sardines were placed around the edge of the fiercely hot embers. Quite a long process all told.

Saedines Saedines Sardines-3 Sardines-5 Saedines Saedines

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