Virgen del Carmen 2010

Virgen del Carmen, NerjaLa Virgen del Carmen is the protectress of seamen, and on July 16th the coastal towns and fishing villages celebrate with parades and festivities in her honour. Statues of La Virgen del Carmen are carried through the towns to the water and then taken aboard a gaily adorned boat.

The procession in Nerja started from the El Salvador church on the Balcon de Europa and made its way slowly through the town and then down Avenida Castilla Perez to Torrecilla beach where the image of Carmen was loaded, at the second attempt, onto a fishing boat.

The boat, accompanied by an armada of craft of all shapes and sizes, then made a grand tour of all the beaches in Nerja before eventually coming back to shore on Calahonda beach after fireworks lit up the night sky…PHOTOS

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