‘Virgen de las Angustias’ exhibition in Nerja

boat9There is currently an exhibition at the Sala Municipal de Exposiciones in Calle Cristo, Nerja, entitled ‘Virgen de las Angustias’, a ‘Maritime Exhibition’ featuring paintings and model boats.

I happened to be passing and suddenly thought, let’s have a look. I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect, other than paintings and model boats, of course, or maybe even paintings of model boats. Glad I did.

In the entrance to the exhibition hall, behind glass, is a magnificent ‘boat’ which apparently took 20 years to complete. The detail is amazing. I soon realised that these were not just model boats, but works of art.


Moving into the main exhibition hall, the place was full of models of every type of craft from Nile dhows to modern submarines, and some of them are pretty big. And the fine detail!

boat10 boat11

You can even see inside some of them where the detail is no less stunning. No wonder some of them took so long to make.

boat6 boat19

There is even a model of the Titanic! Several of the boats, particularly the salvage vessels, are fully operable by remote control.

boat15titanic boat16

The paintings are the work of Esteban Arriaga and the boats were made by Carlos Puya, Fernando Dols, Luis Marín, Rafael Díaz, Julián Irastorza, Fernando González, Álvaro García Jiménez and Astilleros Nereo.

The exhibition runs from now until June 27th at the Sala Municipal de Exposiciones in Calle Cristo, Nerja, and is open from 10:00 – 14:00 and from 19:00 – 21:00.

boat2 boat3 boat4 boat5

boat7 boat8 boat12 boat13

boat17 boat18 boatbottle

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