British man in coma following a fight in Competa has died

A 49 year old British man who had been in a deep coma since sustaining injuries during a brawl in Competa has died in hospital.

The incident occurred at around 04:00 on July 5th outside the pub La Estrella in avenida de La Constitución, next to the hotel Balcón de Cómpeta. The exact reasons for the fight, who started it, how it ended and even the circumstances relating to the injuries suffered by the British man are still unclear as witnesses have been reluctant to come forward and the people of Competa, in general, have been silent on the issue.

One version of events is that the son and nephew of the deceased, both 16 years old, were flirting with two local girls when an ex-boyfriend of one of the girls became jealous and began hurling insults. A fight then broke out, and when the father and uncle intervened in defense of the young lads, more people joined in on both sides.

As to the subsequently fatal injuries sustained by the British man, one report states that he was hit on the head by a bottle, rendering him unconscious, and then thrown over a wall. Another report states that the man was not pushed from or thrown over a wall but fell from it during the fight,

In either case, the result was injuries which eventually ended his life.

After the fight, the man was taken to Hospital Carlos Haya in Málaga where he remained in a coma until his death last night.

The deceased was no stranger to Competa, he and his family spending their holidays in the town for the past five years. On that fateful night, he had gone out with a group of British people, including his son, for a birthday celebration.

The Guardia Civil is having great difficulty piecing together the events of that night and tracing those directly involved. Witnesses have been reluctant to come forward and the people of Competa, a small village where everyone knows everyone else, have been ominously silent, not wishing to become involved.

Even the Mayor of Competa has, apparently, been silent on the matter.

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