Unique local music festival at the Nerja Caves

The International Festival of Music and Dance, which takes place each July inside the Nerja Caves, is a regular and world renowned annual event. It is the only event to take place within the magnificent caverns. Until now, that is.

For the very first time, local groups from Nerja and Maro are being permitted to perform a series of concerts, four in total. One of these will take place just before the International Festival of Music and Dance and the other three will take place almost immediately following the famous festival.

  • July 4th: The choral groups Alminares, Amigos del País de Jaén, Santa María de la Victoria, the school choir of Santa María de la Victoria and the Joven Orquesta Provincial will present their interpretation of ‘Carmina Burana’ by Carl Orff.
  • July 28th: Performances by Rondalla Municipal Sierra Almijara and the Agrupación Folcrórica.
  • July 29th: Performances by the choirs Peña Nerjeña and La Mareña.
  • July 30th: Performance by the Banda Municipal de Música.

All the performances start at 22:00 and tickets, which cost €10, are obtainable from the Nerja Cultural Centre in calle Granada 45.

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