Nerja Caves Discovery Celebrates 61st Anniversary


In a moving tribute to the discovery of the Nerja caves, participants in their discovery on January 12th 1959 met to celebrate how Nerja has benefited since the caves were found. Francisco Navas, Jose Torres, Miguel,  Manuel Zorrilla and the widow of José Luis Barbero met as they do every year at the cave’s entrance to reminisce about how they …

Nerja’s biggest summer festival yet


Nerja’s  60th International Festival of Music and Dance receives its biggest ever budget. Scheduled to run from June 29th until August 3rd, Nerja’s giant festival includes 11 concerts, 9 of which will take place outdoors in the new 1700 seat Jardines de la Cueva auditorium, while the other two concerts will be held inside the caves. Following the discovery of …

Thieves steal 50,000€ from Nerja Caves


Thieves managed to get into the offices of the Nerja caves where they broke a ticket machine and made off with two safes before abandoning them in the mountains. The robbery occurred during the early hours of Sunday morning with the culprits managing to force open the safes and steal 50,000€ along with 80 lottery tickets commemorating the 60th anniversary …

Nerja Caves new visitor limits in bid to become WHS

The Nerja Cave Foundation has made a change to the amount of visitors permitted inside of the caves at any given time, in order to help the caves qualify in a bid to become an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visits will be limited by 16% over the year, with 250 per hour visitors allowed entrance in peak times (July and …

56th Festival of the Nerja Caves

Tickets for the 56th Festival of the Nerja caves will go on sale on the 29th April. You can order your ticket, if you are quick enough, from directly the Cueva de Nerja foundation

Proposal to open more of the Nerja Caves to the public

In his role as vice president of the Nerja Caves Foundation, José Alberto Armijo is putting forward a proposal to allow visitors to the La Mina and La Torca galleries in the Nerja Caves which have, until now, been closed to the public.

Nerja Caves App for mobiles and tablets

The Nerja Caves Foundation has launched a new free app, available for Android and iOS, which provides all sorts of information, in four languages, for visitors to the Caves and the Nerja History Museum.