Proposal to open more of the Nerja Caves to the public

In his role as vice president of the Nerja Caves Foundation, José Alberto Armijo is putting forward a proposal to allow visitors to the La Mina and La Torca galleries in the Nerja Caves which have, until now, been closed to the public.

Under this proposal, the La Mina and La Torca galleries, considered the heart of the Nerja Caves due to their archaeological importance, would be opened to the public for the first time since tours of the Caves began back in 1960.

Visits would be in small groups and start with the Sala de Mina. La Torca, which contains cave paintings and remains dating back 30,000 years, would then be added to the tour.

Visits to these two caverns would be outside normal visiting hours and at weekends, although this may be revised if demand warrants expansion.

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