Reduced capacity for the Caves Concerts in July 2013

The plenary session of the Nerja Caves Foundation has decided to close the metal gallery stand in the Sala de la Cascada with the idea of permanently removing it in the near future. However, as with most things, this is not a straightforward procedure.

Guided visits to the caves in the company of ‘Tito’

The Nerja Caves is offering a new experience for visitors, with groups of up to fifty people able to enjoy a guided tour of the caverns in the company of actor Miguel Joven, famous for his role as ‘Tito’ in the popular TV series Verano Azul.

Nerja Caves represented at Gastrotur

The Nerja Caves were represented at the recent Festival of of Gastronomy and Culinary Tourism, Gastrotur, held in Granada between February 22nd and 26th. The event is open to all types of tourist related entities, not just those concerned with food and catering.

Music returns to the Nerja Caves

After an absence of over twenty years, ambient music has returned to the Nerja Caves, with selected pieces of classical music now being played as you wander through the caverns.

Nerja Caves trying to attract cruise passengers

The Nerja Caves Foundation, revitalised since the change in management, is determined to reverse the downward trend in visitor numbers to the Caves and has been investing heavily in cruise tourism, one of the few sectors in Málaga province currently experiencing a boom period. It is hoped that this investment will bear fruit during 2013.

Two concerts in the Nerja Caves during Feria

The Nerja Caves are joining in with the Feria celebrations this year, offering two concerts in the Chamber of Ballet for those who have purchased a ticket to visit the caves. What a striking difference the new caves management has made. On October 11th at 17:00 there will be a performance by the German choir Mucher Konzertgemeinschaft as part of their …

Some Caves Concert tickets already sold out

Tickets for the Russian Ballet on July 20th and for Pasión Vega on the 21st have already sold out. There are still tickets available for the other concerts, part of the 53rd Festival of Music and Dance, and these can be obtained online at, at the Nerja Museum (Plaza de España) or at the box office at the Nerja …

Nerja Caves Foundation made a loss in 2011

For the first time, the annual accounts for the Nerja Caves Foundation show a negative balance, due in the main to the construction and operation of the Nerja Museum which was finally inaugurated in December 2011.

More tests to be carried out at the Nerja Caves

Scientists and historians have spent decades debating whether Neanderthals were capable of producing art, notably cave paintings, with the scientific community arguing that such  ability was exclusively the domain of modern man.

Spring Concerts deemed a great success

The Spring Concerts in the Nerja Caves have been deemed a great success and another series of similar concerts is being planned for the autumn, these to take place between October 21st and December 9th.