Nerja Caves trying to attract cruise passengers

The Nerja Caves Foundation, revitalised since the change in management, is determined to reverse the downward trend in visitor numbers to the Caves and has been investing heavily in cruise tourism, one of the few sectors in Málaga province currently experiencing a boom period. It is hoped that this investment will bear fruit during 2013.

Attracting cruise passengers is not an easy task, however, with a number of major difficulties to be overcome.

Most tour operators have their own schedules for excursions, included in sales packages, and the Nerja Caves, as a destination or possible destination, are apparently relatively unknown amongst such operators. This, however, should be relatively easy to rectify.

Most excursions in Málaga are for three to five hours, some are as much as eight hours but there are no overnight stays in the city. Nerja, therefore, is not an easy destination to get to in such a short time period. However, one of the most frequently requested trips by cruise passengers is the Alhambra Palace in Granada, much further away, so there is hope that itineraries can be adjusted to accommodate a trip to Nerja.

The Nerja Caves Foundation has been meeting with various organisations and administrations to further their plans to infiltrate the luxury cruise market, promoting the Nerja Caves in a number of ways including a new video presentation.

The Nerja Caves Foundation not only wants to offer the Caves as a destination for cruise passengers, but also the Nerja Museum and the town itself.

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