Nerja Caves Discovery Celebrates 61st Anniversary

In a moving tribute to the discovery of the Nerja caves, participants in their discovery on January 12th 1959 met to celebrate how Nerja has benefited since the caves were found.

Francisco Navas, Jose Torres, Miguel,  Manuel Zorrilla and the widow of José Luis Barbero met as they do every year at the cave’s entrance to reminisce about how they came across the caves when they were young boys.

Opening the ceremony on behalf of the town of Nerja was Maro Mayor and member of the Nerja cave Foundation Nuchi Moreno who talked about his relationship with the discoverers.


Offering a personal narrative about his relationship with the boys who discovered the caves, Mayor Moreno invited guests to join him inside the caves to take in their grandeur and beauty.

While walking through the caves, Jose Torres talked about how they had come across them while out hunting bats and how pleased he was th

athow after 61 years the caves still manage to bring so many tourists to Nerja.

If you have never visited the caves, now is the ideal time to take advantage of an audio-guided visit through the different chambers of the Cave for the discounted price of 2€ when you purchase tickets online.

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