Hail storms bring chaos to Malaga roads

Early morning hail storms have caused massive traffic jams on Malaga roads.

The traffic jams are mainly in the direction of Cadiz and on the Guadalhorce motorway.
Heavy hail and rain that swept through the province this morning have caused traffic tailbacks on most major roads leading into Malaga.

The national weather service AEmet has issued an Orange Alert for Malaga for the remainder of the day.

On the ring road and the A-357 traffic jams were at the worst of the chaos reported as being up to 20 kilometres long.
The worst of the held up traffic was on the A-7 in the direction of Cadiz from the San José tunnel to kilometre mark 255 in Rincón de la Victoria.
Malaga traffic management sources reported that the worst of the delays was during the morning rush hour that coincided with the hail storm.

Traffic has also been formed in the opposite direction, that is, the road leading to Almería, where up to four kilometres of tailbacks has been recorded due to the accumulation of hail on the road.
Another major congestion is on the A-357 towards the university and PTA.
To get traffic moving smoothly, the City Council of Málaga has implemented emergency plans and issued the following directive to motorists on Twitter.
“It is advisable to exercise extreme caution when travelling and always follow the directions of the Local Police.”

Although most journey’s today may not be affected, it is advisable to check regular traffic news including live GPS reports or google traffic updates.


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