Video surveillance for Mercacentro in Fuengirola

In an effort to improve safety and security at the Mercacentro commercial centre in Fuengirola, the Council has approved a plan to introduce security cameras.

The company Grupo 8×8 Sistemas de Seguridad has been awarded the contract which will see 5 video camera surveillance systems introduced in various parts of the complex.

The cameras are the latest technology with a 360 degree viewing capability and are protected against vandalism.

The exact locations for the cameras has yet to be decided but are likely to be some of the busiest or vulnerable areas such as loading bays, the entrance to the centre, recreation and toilet areas.

The cameras will be controlled by the Local Police and can be remotely controlled from the police station. The installation of the new system may result in the Council cancelling the existing contract for private security in the centre, a move which would save in the region of €55,000 per year.

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