Cop that

Grampian Police in the UK have spent an estimated £170,000 of public money trying to prosecute a strippergram who plays ‘police officer’ as part of his act.

Sergeant Eros, as he is known to the public, was last week cleared in court…for the 22nd time.

Sergeant Eros is a 25 year old student from Aberdeen University who works as a strippergram to earn the money to pay off a student loan. His act includes five minutes of play-acting as a policeman, and a twenty minute striptease.

In the past two years, he has been arrested on six occasions and has spent 123 hours in custody, but despite obvious determination by the real boys in blue, has never been convicted of any offence.

It might conceivably be working in his favour that his uniform generally seems to include a large label with the word ‘stripper’ on it. You never know.

The first time he was arrested was outside a bar in Aberdeen. Wearing his ‘police’ uniform, two undercover lady cops asked if he required any assistance. He replied, ‘no’, and told them he was, in fact, a stripper.

AFTER watching him perform his act, the two lady cops took him in for questioning.

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