Change to academic year in Andalucía

The academic year for Infant, Primary and Special Education will begin on September 7th, one week earlier than has been the case in the past. For Secondary Education, the commencement date will, at least for the time being, remain at September 15th.

The decree relating to the changes is currently being finalised by the Ministry of Education.

The Unions were against the proposed changes to the academic year but parents were generally in favour.

In January, the Unions expressed their opposition to the proposal at an education round table meeting and the Ministry agreed to discuss the draft decree article by article.

On February 2nd, a further meeting took place between the Ministry and the Unions, and an alternative proposal of September 10th was put forward as the start date of the academic year. A deadline was set for discussion of the new proposal.

However, as the administration has received no response from the Unions, the decree is being processed in its original form.

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