When common sense doesn’t rule

Tesco, for one, has introduced a policy, on a trial basis, to require ID from all customers wishing to buy age-restricted products to help prevent underage sales. Fair enough, good idea. But it needs to be applied with common sense.

A grey haired, sixty year old customer with a zimmer frame was refused cigarettes in Tesco because he didn’t have ID with him to prove he was over 18. Yer ‘avin’ a larf.

A 50 year old woman was refused alcohol because she couldn’t produce an ID card. Seems they’re not ‘avin’ a larf.

Needless to say, these customers will not be shopping at Tesco any more.

And it’s not only Tesco. A 73 year old great-grandfather wasn’t allowed to buy fishing equipment at an Original Factory Shop because he wasn’t able to show valid identification.

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