Quiche and tell

Cashiers at Tesco in Cannons Park, Coventry, refused to sell a slice of quiche to a 24 year old woman until she produced some sort if identification to prove that she was over 21 years old. What on earth do they put in quiche these days? Or was the crust so sharp it counted as an illegal weapon?

But it’s not the most bizarre ID request at a supermarket in the UK.

How about the case of Tony Ralls, aged 72 years, asked if he was old enough to buy bottle of wine in Morrisons in Liverpool and was asked to provide identification. I know people can look a lot younger than their years, but really.

Ellie Hargreaves, aged 28 years, was asked for ID to buy child’s Ben 10 advent calender in Debenhams, Blackburn.

And one of the best. Grandmother Tina MacNaughton-Jones, aged 47 years, was refused a bottle of wine in a Waitrose supermarket in Worthing, West Sussex because she could not prove she was over 18.

To the rescue came her her 22 year old daughter who produced a driver’s licence to buy the bottle. However,she too was turned down over fears that she would pass the alcohol on to her mother!

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