Sherlock on the job

Scientists, no doubt spurred on by huge grants, continue to pursue important research destined to benefit mankind as a whole and answer some of those unanswered questions.

Professor Richard Ryan of the University of Rochester, New York has been leading a team of researchers who have, after careful study, come to the astounding conclusion that people of all occupations, from labourers to lawyers, felt better on Saturdays and Sundays than during the week.

No s*** Sherlock.

The studylooked at daily mood variations of workers aged between 18 years and 62 years who worked at least 30 hours per week.

For three whole weeks, the participants were paged three times each day – morning, the afternoon and evening  – and
asked to complete a questionnaire describing what they were doing and describe both positive feelings, such as happiness, joy and pleasure as well as negative ones, such as anxiety, anger and depression.

They also asked to ported physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches, digestive problems, respiratory ills and low energy.

The results showed that men and women alike, regardless of salary, how many hours they worked, how educated they were, whether they were single, married or divorced and regardless of occupation or age, consistently feel better mentally and physically on the weekend.

Researchers discovered that, compared to workdays, people said they felt happier due to higher levels of freedom at the weekend.

Obviously money well spent as no-one would ever have contemplated such a mind-blowing conclusion.

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