Things happening all over…

A lot of changing of hands, comings and goings during the past few months and it will probably continue for some time to come. At least there are roughly the same number of new places opening as there are old businesses closing down.

The Smugglers Inn, which finally changed hands, is closed today as it gets a new lick of paint but it will be open again tomorrow.

The Stereo bar on calle Chaparil, which had a couple of owners during its short lifetime, is now La Bodega Nueva, offering fine Spanish wines and tapas. Julie and Jason are now at the helm so we wish them success in their new venture.

The old ‘Limon’ shop in calle El Barrio is getting ready to reopen, don’t know what it will be as yet, and preliminary work has just started in what was a Chinese bazaar/bag shop on avenida Castilla Perez, another ‘wait and see’ what appears.

Total Flooring in calle Chaparil has gone.

And Roger and Wilma will be taking it easy as from the end of this month as they hand over Jago’s Bar to new owners. This one was more of an institution than a bar, most people referring to it as Rogers’ rather than Jago’s. It was always, ‘see you later at Rogers’ or somesuch.

Still on the subject of bars. Coconuts on calle Antonio Millon/calle Chaparil is having a special night. Entrance is €5 but then between 23:00 and 03:00, all drinks are a mere €1. There will be a few hangovers around town tomorrow I’d imagine.

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