Man confronts known heroin dealer and ends up under arrest

Peter Drummond, a father of three from Perth, was incensed when he found out that a local drug dealer had sold heroin to his family and in a spur of the moment action, went to the house of the dealer, John Nellies.

Confronting the dealer, he demanded that Nellies stop supplying heroin to his family members as it was ruining their lives. After a bit of screaming and shouting and the odd threat apparently thrown in for good measure, Peter Drummond grabbed five bags of heroin and flushed them down the toilet.

While this was happening, a client, a drug addict, tried to enter the house but was told to ‘go away’. She did, and called the police.

So. A medal for Drummond, jail for the dealer Nellies and a rehab order for the client?

Nearly. Two months jail for Drummond and, as yet, no action taken against the heroin dealer. Sounds about par for the course these days.

The prosecutor even made the remark:

‘Both the complainer, Nellies, and his girlfriend are habitual drug abusers and Nellies is also known as a dealer in heroin’

If something had been done with this ‘knowledge’ earlier, maybe a bit of suffering would have been avoided and John Drummond wouldn’t be the one in jail. After all, the charge was a mere ‘breach of the peace’.

Just waiting for Drummond to be sued for the lost heroin!

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