Oxford graduate Sandra Gregory, now 44 years old, was arrested in Thailand in 1993 for smuggling heroin and sentenced to death.

The sentence commuted to 25 years in prison after she admitted the offence and was confined in the notorious Klong Prem Prison for four and a half years before being transferred to a prison in Kent. In 2000, she received a pardon from the King of Thailand.

In 2002 she accepted a BA Honours course from Oxford University and graduated in 2005.

This week, she attempted to return to ‘Thailand to ‘tie up some loose ends’, and was surprised to find herself detained at the airport! Fortunately for her she is merely to be deported as an ‘undesirable’.

What on earth does this woman use as a brain? She was lucky to escape a death sentence and had she not been transferred to a UK jail – from which she appears to have been fairly swiftly released – she would more than likely still be completing her 25 year sentence. And she goes back to Thailand?

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