3rd Nerja Arts Festival 2009

salamercadoMonday March 2nd sees the start of the 3rd Nerja Arts Festival and it will continue until March 10th. The location is the Sala Mercado in calle San Miguel.

In addition to various artists displaying their works, there will be artisans showing off their trade as well as a host of artists performing throughout the festival.

Artists and artisans participating in the event are:

Simón (Caribbean Café), Carol and David Grice, Jorge, Eva, Pamela Pérez, Andrea Castilla, Antonio, Javier Pérez, Sylvain Ferey, Pedro Zayas, Juan Pérez de Siles, Heidi Williams, Zacarías, Lorenzo and Carlos, Michael Green, Luis Santiago, Richard Paker, Delia Milko, Hedda Hohenstein-Römhild, Miro Slav, Roberto Díaz, Antonio Vidal, Nils Lange, Joy Wood, Johnathan Addis, Manu Peña, Jennifer, Jess Mirfin, David Angele, Jean Pierre, Antonio Aree, Danny, Jadiz, Vicky Diane, Antoinella, Viviana Costa, Marie Rayn, Marion Schoute, Joaquín Graciolo Rodríguez, Cynthia Ruiz,  Naika.

Just about everything is covered, from cake decoration to guitars, oil painting to tattoos.

The entertainment programme is:

Monday 2nd: Festival opens at 11:00. Inauguration party from 18:00 – 21:00. Flamenco show with Fernando del Paso at 20:00.

Tuesday 3rd: Rhythm Dance at 11:30. Pedro Zayas on guitar at 20:30.

Wednesday 4th: Karate exhibition at 18:30. Capoeira at 18:45. Popular music with Haydee and Carlos Cortés at 20:30.

Thursday 5th: Ballroom dancing with the ABC Ballroom Dancers at 18:30. DJ Sergio at 20:30.

Friday 6th: Karate exhibition at 18:30. Fashion Show (Kit and Kaboudle) at 20:00.

Saturday 7th: Fire Dancing at 18:45. DJ’s Miles and Cruz at 19:00.

Sunday 8th: Plays, shows and stories for the kids (in English) at 11:30. Skateboarding exhibition by the Dutch Champions at 12:30. More stuff for the kids at 18:30.

Monday 9th: Film morning with Ricardo Bajo, Heidi Williams and Manu Peña.

Tuesday 10th: Closing ceremony 1t 18:00 followed at 20:00 by music with Not to fall.


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