Ryanair contemplating charging for using the toilets on planes

It may soon be a case of ‘don’t drink and fly’ as the low-cost airline Ryanair is seriously considering the introduction of coin slots on aircraft loos! It would cost £1 to take a leek.

Despite being a ‘low-cost’, no frills airline, Ryanair already has some pretty hefty charges for ‘extras’. The carrier charges £30 to check in a bag, £10 to pay for flights with a debit or credit card (excluding Visa Electron), £60 to check in sports or music equipment, £15 for each kilo of excess baggage, £50 to change a flight and £100 to change the name on a ticket.

Rival low-cost airline Easyjet have apparently no plans to implement any sort of ‘Pay to Pee’ policy on their flights.

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