Ryanair to start flying to Malaga again from July 1


  Irish low-cost airline Ryanair announced yesterday that it would return to the air with 40% of its pre-coronavirus flights starting from July 1. While Ryanair is eager to resume flights, the airline pointed out that while they want to return to Malaga ASAP a lot depends on the British and Spanish governments’ rules regarding flying within Europe saying: “These …

Spanish court rules against Ryanair’s cabin baggage policy


Irish budget airline Ryanair his been dealt another blow in Spain over the low-cost airlines onboard baggage policy. Calling it “abusive and invalid” the court ruled that Ryanair’s onboard baggage policy would no longer be valid in Spain. The ruling came last Wednesday after a passenger complained about having to pay an additional 20€ to take a piece of 10-kilogram …

Ryanair strike to hit holidaymakers

Ryanair cabin crew have called a strike for the 24th and 25th of July in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. The strike coincided with school holidays and will affect thousands of travellers across Europe.   Cabin crew based in the above-mentioned countries want Ryanair to adhere to national labour laws of their home countries and not those of the Republic …

Ryanair to start flying from Southend

In a move designed to take on rival budget airline Easyjet, Ryanair has announced plans to base three aircraft at Southend airport starting in April 2019.   The airline is planning to operate 60 flights a week concentrating on sunshine routes that include Malaga, Alicante, Palma and Faro igniting what could be a price war with Easyjet. Southend Airport has …

Ryanair cabin crew threaten Europe-wide strikes

All across Europe Ryanair cabin crew unions are threatening to call strikes during the peak holiday travel season this summer. Union leaders in Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain are demanding that the low-cost airline must stop using Irish labour laws for its staff and to adapt to the regulations of the countries where it’s cabin crew are based.   Ryanair …

Best short-haul airline for flights from the UK

Travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine Skyscanner has done their research and come up with what they think is the best short-haul airline flying out of the UK based on price, baggage charges, seat reservations and onboard catering.   Skyscanner’s John Ritchie said, “When booking flights travellers can often be confused by what is deemed to be a …

Veteran Ryanair pilot dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’

After 26 years with the company, pilot Captain John Goss has been dismissed by Ryanair after criticising the airline on a Channel 4 Dispatches programme which carried out an investigation into safety at the airline.

More than one way to remove the outer covering from a feline

In July, the Office of Fair Trading in the UK told 12 airlines, including budget airline Ryanair, that they should not be charging an ‘admin fee’ to people paying by debit card because it was ‘unfair’ as such cards are effectively the same as paying cash.

Incident involving Ryanair plane

There was an incident involving a Ryanair plane due to fly from Sevilla to Palma de Mallorca on Monday evening when passengers were forced to hurry from the plane due to a fuel leak.