Ryanair to operate out of Castellón airport

Ryanair has made an agreement to start offering flights from Castellón’s infamous unused airport to London Stansted and Bristol from September.

The Irish low-cost operator will be the first airline to offer regular services from the facility notorious for not seeing a single plane land or take off there in its first three years of existence.

Tickets will go on sale on Thursday priced from €31.99 for flights between September 15th and December 10th. Customers will be able to reserve flights up to March 16th 2016.

For Ryanair, one of the advantages of Castellón is that it is not part of the AENA Spanish airport authority’s network and therefore has pricing freedom in terms of operating taxes. It will cost between €8 and €10 to land at the new airport, approximately half of what it costs at nearby Valencia.

Ryanair reportedly has a guarantee that levies will not be changed for at least five years.

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